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The primary mission of the Branch County Commission on Aging (BCCOA)is to establish and provide services for older adults by encouraging, promoting, and safeguarding their rights and abilities so they may enjoy maximum health, well-being, and independence.

To become the primary focus (not the sole focus) for older adult activities in the County through the establishment of the senior center and by partnering with other agencies whose goals complement BCCOA’s mission.

The Commission believes the State’s philosophy of “no wrong door” and, to that end, will provide access, information, and referral for any service to older adults that may be required throughout the County. The Commission will partner with other agencies to maintain a presence throughout the County.

The Commission will solicit and promote volunteerism through the older adult community to expand its services and provide those older adults who volunteer with a sense of worth and accomplishment. The Commission will strive to provide outreach and services to those older adults whose needs for services are the greatest.

The Commission will seek and facilitate cooperation and consensus of action through our partnerships with community agencies and governmental bodies in all areas where missions are convergent.


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